Carmine's Story

Carmine is a 19 year old young man who was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April of 2014 when he was a junior in High School. He was able to return to school after the initial phase of his treatment in his Senior Year and graduated in June 2015. He still continues with the maintenance phase of his treatment. While in treatment his dad, who was battling cancer himself lost his fight. Carmine’s mom is now supporting her mother, mother-in-law and her 2 sons. All Carmine had dreamed about since he was 14 years old was to go to college and be able to play basketball. He thought he would not be able to achieve that dream. Thanks to the Valerie Fund Carmine was able to just complete his first semester at College and will be playing basketball next winter. With continued support from the Zippy Fund Carmine is assured he can continue to attend college and be able to achieve his dream.