Hope for the Jimenez Family!

Meet Kale! This fighter is battling Leukemia and The Zippyfund helped the Jimenez family with financial aid to cover their household expenses. This family is driving over an hour each way for Kale to receive treatment. His dad is the sole financial provider and has to take time off of work, so the gas and medical bills are pulling up. We tried to provide a little bit of peace, so they can focus on their family.
Sending lots of love, hope and prayers.


September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

As we kick off September, pediatric cancer awareness month, we introduce our latest patient, adorable Carly.

Carly is battling neuroblastoma and due to a recent relapse, her family is living on one income while she is in and out of the hospital doing trial treatments. The stress of bills is piling on, so we provided financial assistance to help with rent for this month.

Wishing this doll and her family a lot of love, hope and prayers as they have a long road ahead 💚💜🙏🏼


Sweet Maya

This sweet girl is our latest patient 💚💜

At just 13 months old, Maya, was diagnosed with AML Down Syndrome. Her family was previously living off of one income and her mom has had to since stop working to care for her baby girl.

The Zippyfund provided financial assistance to the Mejia family to help them cover their monthly bills.

Sending lots of love and prayers to this family as they embark on this difficult journey.

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Abroad goes Matthew!

Meet our latest patient, Matthew! A freshman at the University of Notre Dame, we helped contribute to Matthews summer study abroad program. He is a great example of never letting cancer hold you back from experiences in life you would be doing without a cancer diagnosis.

Matthew has three siblings and wrote to us the following:

“My three siblings and I are very close in age. Cancer doesn’t just affect the one who has it, but it infiltrates the entire family.”

This hit home with us and is so true for every cancer patient and their families.

Wishing Matthew a wonderful trip and that continued spirit to never let cancer hold you down!


Adorable Arion

A little Sunday night brightness with our latest patient, the adorable Arion. This sweet boy is fighting osteosarcoma and his mom is out of work with no pay to care for him.

The Zippyfund was able to provide some financial assistance to their family by paying a few of their monthly bills. Our goal is to help our patients and their families focus on what’s important and that’s beating cancer.

Sending a whole lot of love to Arion and his family!!! We’re praying and rooting for you 💜💚🙏🏼


Small but Mighty

Meet our latest adorable patient Isabella. This small but mighty girl is fighting LCH and The Zippyfund is helping her family with some of their monthly utility bills. Medical bills come fast and furious with a cancer diagnosis, so every little bit helps families during their battle. We are humbled to be able to help.

Isabella’s mom told us that their little girl’s spirit has given them strength during this time, which should be an inspiration to everyone. Praying for the entire Gomez-Rosado family and wishing a speedy recovery to this sweet girl 💚💜


Hip Hip Hooray for Henry!

The Zippyfund’s latest patient, sweet Henry!

Henry is battling Leukemia and in the thick of his fight. His mom had to stop working to be there to care for him, which cut their families income in half. We were able to provide a bit of financial assistance and paid some of the family’s utility bills.

The Zippyfund is always humbled when we can help in even the smallest ways because no family deserves to think about anything other then their child during this time.

We’re praying for the Fasciano family and sending lots of hope and Zippystrong vibes 💚💜


Future NHL Star

Our latest patient is a future NHL all star battling Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. We provided some financial assistance to the Jain family as they are self employed and unable to work to be there for Arjun as he goes through treatment. The bills pile up, but families should not have to worry about that burden and focus on the most important part of the cancer battle, this sweet boy.

Much love, hope and prayers to Arjun and his family! We hope to see you on the ice really soon 🏒💚💜


Go Gabby Go!

Happy 2019!!

Thrilled to share our first patient of the year, sweet Gabby!

Battling Leukemia, Gabby and the Cox family are going through their battle and facing the awful financial and emotional effects cancer brings to families. The Zippy Fund was able to provide some financial assistance to this family, so they can focus on Gabbys recovery and ease just a tiny bit of the stress cancer brings.

Go Gabby! We are sending lots of strength and prayers your way 💜💚

Ps. Kit Kats were Zippy’s  favorite chemo treatment snack too


No Stopping Michael!

Meet our latest Zippyfund scholarship recipient, Michael!

Michael has had quite a few set backs since being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma related to his education at Northeastern University. Despite all of this, Michael is determined to finish and get his degree. We are thrilled to be a small part in helping with tuition assistance. With that smile and his incredible positive attitude, we know there is no stopping Michael beat cancer and finish his degree!

We are all behind you and are rooting for you!


Supporting Make A Wish Always!

The Zippyfund are big supporters of The Make A Wish foundation and continue to find ways to partner and give back to this amazing organization. We were thrilled to help support this sweet girl’s wish as she went on a trip to Fiji! This hit close to home as this was the same wish Zippy Cimino had just a few years ago.

Angelina is battling cancer at just 12 years old and has had quite a few complic...ations because of this disease. Her trip to Fiji was a wonderful way for her and her family to enjoy time away together and relax.

As we approach Thanksgiving this week, we cannot help but reflect on the work we do. We are so THANKFUL to all our donors, supporters and most of all, our patients, who are the reason we do the work of The Zippyfund 💜💚


Turning Cancer into helping others!

In honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month 💛💛 We are thrilled to share a bit about our latest Zippyfund scholarship recipient, the beautiful Heather.

In her own incredible words, Heather writes:

“Being slammed one summer day with the reality that my once healthy body was invaded by an aggressive disease was no easy concept to grasp. After virtually every normal aspect of my life was taken away... from me, I was forced to find a strength within myself that I had not known I had. I went through countless surgeries, blood transfusions, hospital stays and other setbacks. My two and a half year fight against cancer served as an opportunity for me to transform into a stronger, wiser and more positive version of myself.”

After her battle with Leukemia, Heather is onto study nursing at the University of Rhode Island.

Her inspiration to take her experience and turn it into a career to help others surely inspires us 💚💜 Congrats Heather !! And best of luck at URI!


Sweet Sweet Gianna

Meet sweet Gianna our latest Zippyfund patient 💚💜

Gianna was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor and has had to go through extensive surgeries, chemo and radiation. Her parents haven’t been able to work to be with Gianna, so we were able to provide them with a bit of financial assistance during this extremely difficult time.

She has a long road of recovery ahead with inpatient rehabilitation. Please say a prayer and send all the hope to the Matthews family.


Donut Give Up!

The power of our network strikes again to help this sweet little girl. Thank you to her cousin Donna for reaching out to us.

Sweet Madison is battling a high grade neuroepithelinal tumor on her brain. It’s a rare type of cancer that the Williams family is all in on beating. She is currently undergoing treatment at UNC. 

Her slogan is “Donut Give up” 🍩 because of her love for donuts. Sending all the good vibes, strength and donuts from N.J. to NC to you sweet Madison! 

#teammadison 💜💚


2018 Zippyfund Gala

We were so thrilled to have some of our past and current patients with us at this years gala.

Pictured here are a few of them with Joann Spera of the Valerie Fund as that is where all these sweet faces were treated for their cancer fight. 

Two time cancer survivor Amber was our 2018 Zippyfund Gala Scholarship recipient. We were honored to help Amber continue her dreams of a college education. Go get em Amber! 


Back to Rutgers in no time!

Meet Joanna......another patient that hits very close to home. 

Joanna is battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and had to take a leave of absence from her freshman year at Rutgers to fight her battle. She is the oldest of three children and as it does, cancer has taken a financial, emotional, and physical toll on their whole family. We are glad we were able to give a little bit of financial support to the Horns through this difficult time. 

Lots of love being sent! We know you’ll be back on the Rutgers campus in no time!


"I’m still beautiful, even though I am bald"

Olivia’s story hit close to home for our family as she was diagnosed at 17 in the middle of her senior year of high school with Ewing’s Sarcoma. She is currently undergoing treatment and to say her and her family’s life has been turned upside down is an understatement.

As we have said before, Zippy, has been passionate from the beginning of our fund about offering emotional support for our patients. Olivia and Zippy have connected and we are hopeful his story will bring some comfort as she fights her battle.

We also wanted to share an article Olivia wrote for her school newspaper that is incredibly powerful. The unseen affects of cancer are those that can be the most difficult at times, especially for children and teens.

You said it best Olivia, “I’m still beautiful, even though I am bald.” YOU SURE ARE and you’re one brave, strong young woman


Sweet Brayden

Humbled to share the story of sweet Brayden and his family. We heard about Brayden through a friend of our family through Facebook and knew immediately we had to help. Brayden at just 4 years old has been fighting a significant battle with DIPG, a rare form of childhood brain cancer, since he was 2.5 years old. His health has taken a decline over the past few weeks and he is no longer able to speak to make his needs known. Brayden’s parents have both stopped working for the time being to take the time to spend with Brayden and his twin brother Landon. We made a donation to them to help cover their living expenses and medical costs as they don’t know what the future holds for Brayden or their family.

The Ackermann have been on our minds nonstop. We are sending a lot of love, prayers, and hope to their whole family.


Grateful Mandie D!

A big shout out to sweet Mandie, our latest patient, who not only has been impacted by cancer, but has had severe side effects from her bone marrow transplants. We know all too well that the cancer road throws you many detours that you cannot prepare for. This sweet lady always has a smile on her face and is the centerpiece of these five siblings. 

Mandie told us that she is grateful, but WE are grateful to have the opportunity to do what we do through TheZippyfund and remember every day what’s really important. 

Lots of prayers, hope and strength being sent to Mandie and the entire DiCarlo family!


Polite and quiet, but one heck of a fighter!

In the spirit of focusing on giving during the holiday season, The Zippy Fund supported sweet Gabby (pictured in the center here on Haloween) and her family.

At just 9 years old, Gabby is battling T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is described as polite and quiet, but one heck of a fighter. Her mom stopped working to be with her during her treatment, so we sent some cheer to Gabby and her three siblings to enjoy the holidays with.

Lots of love, strength, and prayers being sent to the entire Cox family as they continue their battle into 2018!!