Our History  

Like any family, the Cimino family has our troubles. Like any family, the Cimino family is built on love, faith and trust.

In 2012, our youngest & most vibrant family member Zippy Cimino was diagnosed with Stage 3a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Through a rigorous six-month plan that involved chemotherapy and radiation he was able to beat the disease. Zippy received an outpouring of love & support from our friends, family and even those we barely knew. Our family could not have fought the battle alone. We often discussed how lucky we were, that we had such an amazing network of people in our lives.

Never in a million years did we fathom that two years later, at Zippy’s two year anniversary check-up, we’d receive the news that would once again change our lives. In July of 2014, Zippy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Diffussed Large B-Cell Lymphoma. Zippy began his fight to beat cancer for the second time and has had another rigorous five months of treatment spending a week at a time in the hospital receiving 24/7 chemotherapy. This battle was extremely different than the first, but the reasons he survived and thrived are still the same. Once again, our network of friends & loved ones helped to pull Zippy & our family through.

Zippy Fund Timeline

Start to the Fund

The Zippy Fund was started for several simple reasons

1.)  We can not imagine a family going through what we went through, without the outpouring of love & support we received

2.)  Our friends & family are such an amazing network, we can leverage this for other families across the country


Our Positive Impact

Helping patients and their family’s entire needs

Patients: Mentally, Emotionally and Physically helping them

1.   Medical Needs: Paying for extra therapy or integrative medicine

2.   Provide Gifts such as Ipad’s to keep the kids busy while receiving chemo

3.   Scholarships to continue their education (High School or College)

Families: Relieve as much stress off of their filled plate as possible

1.   A life line for families to reach to in times of need

2.   Fiscal Assistance: Home or Medical Bills, Food, Gas, Parking at Hospital